5 Lotto millionaires - as it is to win the lottery

Author: Larry N.
Winning the lottery - isn't that everyone's dream? And how could you not dream of it? With its high variance, this is the ultimate chance to bet a small amount and potentially win a million or even a few million euros. Who cares if the odds are against you? Who cares if you're more likely to be struck by lightning than to win the lottery? Just as you decide to be smart and stop buying lottery tickets, the next big winner comes around the corner whose life has changed forever for hitting the jackpot. Here are 5 of the most interesting cases of UK lottery winners.
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A well deserved win - Kevin Jones

from Crewe, Northern England

Mr Jones and his wife knew the bitter taste of failure before hitting the 6.1 million lottery jackpot in May 2016. They lived in Spain a few years before their big win and when their house was broken into twice on the same weekend, they had no choice. You had to go back to England and start over. And what a restart it was - they hit the lottery jackpot. Mr Jones was a decent guy and after knowing about the profit he continued to work as a bus driver because he did not want to abandon his colleagues. One of the first things he bought was two Everton season tickets. He was glad that he had both the time to attend his favorite team's home games with his son and the money to buy the season tickets. He previously worked 12-hour shifts including Saturdays and Sundays. He celebrates the one-year anniversary of his great victory in his very own way - he shared his happiness with the people of his city by handing out golden envelopes with lottery tickets.

"Remember that by being English you have already won first prize in the Lotto of Life."Cecil Rhodes

The record-breaking jackpot - Adrian and Gillian Bayford

aus Haverhill, Suffolk

This pair isn't just any winners of a close to million jackpot. In August 2012, Adrian and his wife hit the record-breaking EuroMillions jackpot of 148 million, the largest jackpot ever to be won. And everything seemed rosy. They separated 15 months later and Gillian brought her two sons back to their homeland in Scotland. Adrian later met and fell in love with Samantha Burbidge. He invited her on lavish vacations and was interested in her hobby - horses and show jumping. What seemed like a fairy tale at first glance ended with Sam getting horses, horse boxes and cars worth 2 million and leaving the multimillionaire for an ex-boyfriend who had no money and lived with his parents. Both Adrian and Gillian broke up with friends and relatives who believed they were entitled to an even greater chunk of the vast fortune. Winning the jackpot changed their life - but not as they expected, on the contrary, it took a clearly negative turn.

The exclusive jackpot - Edwina and David Nylan

From Fleetwood, Lancashire

The couple in their fifties believed they got all six numbers right for the December 23, 2015 raffle and became friends with the idea of ​​starting the new year by joining the Millionaires Club. Unfortunately, because of a technical error, they never received the 35 million they believed already belonged to them. The couple had played with random numbers online and claimed to have seen confirmation of ticket purchase. They had supposedly played online several times and knew their way around. They didn't have enough money in their gaming account to buy a lottery ticket, so they had to top up their account first. The company behind The National Lottery, Camelot, said that while the system recorded their attempt to purchase a ticket, it did not record any re-purchase of a ticket after it was topped up. They couldn't comment on whether the couple would have won as details were not available such as: B. Which numbers they wanted to play because the purchase failed due to insufficient funds. The couple said they would never play the lottery again.

The shadow side of the millions - Jane Park

from Edinburgh, Scotland

Britain's youngest female lottery millionaire was only 17 when she won the multi-million EuroMillions jackpot in July 2013. She treated herself to expensive cars, like a € 18,000 Range Rover in purple, in the colors of her favorite team the Hibernians, expensive designer handbags and shoes, a house, lots of exotic trips and plastic surgeries. However, her carefree life became lonely when her friends returned to school and their jobs. She felt left out of normal life and wished she had never won. Perhaps she would have been better off playing for a few decades without such a big win - then she would have appreciated the win more. But life had something else planned for her. She is young, rich and famous. But she repeatedly complains on talk shows, on Twitter and in interviews that winning the lottery made her unhappy. She even starred in a BBC documentary called "Teenage Millionaires: The Year I Won the Lottery". Probably the most famous lottery winner can be seen everywhere, in newspapers and magazines - alone or with her celebrity friend. But she is not grateful to Camelot. On the contrary, it is considering suing the National Lottery.

A jackpot - good; Two jackpots - Better - David and Kathleen Long

aus Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire

Do you remember that being struck by lightning is far more likely than hitting a lottery jackpot? Now how likely would it be to win twice? This lucky couple won for the first time in July 2013 and they almost missed the payout for throwing the ticket in the trash. But luckily it still worked. And so they tried again in March 2015 and won 1 million euros for the second time. The odds of winning the EuroMillions twice are 283 billion to one, so it is less likely than the following events, Daily Mail :

event probability
To be killed by an asteroid that meets the earth 78 million to one
To be eaten by a shark Four million to one
Elvis is found alive this year 50.000:1
Simon Cowell becomes Prime Minister 10,000:1
England wins the next three World Championships 2.500:1
The next royal baby is called Wayne 500:1

Even though they had won a million pounds, they stayed in their trailer. They decided to buy David's mother a house instead and had a dream wedding 12 years after their engagement. The colors of the ceremony were white and red as Mr Long is a huge Liverpool FC fan. However, the second million euro win convinced them that they can move into a bigger house. David said they weren't looking for a villa, all he needed was a game room and a bar.Surprisingly, Mr Long predicted that he would win both the first and second time and he doesn't think it would be too much if he won a third time too.

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