21 gambling books you should read

Author: Larry N.
Are you looking for the best guide to roulette? Do you want to learn how to count cards? Or are you just curious to find out more about the most successful players who changed not just the betting industry but the world? Well, to give you an overview, here is a list of the best gambling books that you need to read to hone your skills as a professional player or just get a glimpse into the fascinating world of gambling. All you need is these guides and the inspiring stories of the most influential people in the gambling industry to be successful in gambling.
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Manuals and strategy books

There are tons of books out there that offer gambling advice and strategies. Every now and then a new one will be published, in which it is claimed that you cracked the code to clear every jackpot and to help you improve your chances of winning. However, there are only a few titles that have changed the world of gambling forever and have achieved cult status for both amateur and professional players. Here are some of the gambling Bibles that you should definitely have in your library.

Beat the Dealer von Edward O. Thorp

Math genius Edward O. Thorp is the father of card counting, the inventor of the first portable computer, and a pioneer in the modern applications of probability for reliable financial gain. In 1962 he wrote "Beat the Dealer: A Successful Strategy for the Game of Twenty-one" - the first book to mathematically prove that card counting can be used to overcome the house edge in blackjack. Since then, it has been the ultimate guide to card counting and is used by both amateurs and professional gamers. This classic book contains diagrams that summarize the essentials and are easy to remember and use for everyone.

Scarne’s New Complete Guide to Gambling by John Scarne

Dubbed "the world's leading gambling luminary," John Scarne is still known as the most authoritative gambling expert of all time, even if he is not a gambler in himself. As the greatest card manipulator of all time, he gradually became an expert, not only in magic tricks, but also in card games in general, which he has written several books about. This guide covers all aspects of gambling such as the bank's official rules, odds and odds of winning. Every betting game and sporting event is scrutinized and analyzed with extensive advice and instructions on how to play.

Gambling 102: The best strategies for all casino games of M. Shackleford

If you think that gambling is about chance or intuition, then be prepared for your worldview to be shaken. Gambling 102 is the end result of years of precise mathematical analysis, supported by computer simulation in combination with real casino play, to give precise explanations and assessments of the chances of winning for each game. The chapters are straightforward and straightforward as they outline the basic strategies for the games based on the calculations made. Get ready to let the nerd out.

Doyle Brunsons Super System von Doyle Brunson

The author of this book - one of the first books on poker strategy - is professional poker player Doyle Brunson, who has also won the World Series of Poker several times. Known as the Bible of Poker, this is required reading if you are planning to play poker professionally. The super system explains why poker is more than luck and chance. While it may seem out of date these days, it still contains some of the best explanations about any poker game, including No Limits Texas Hold'em and Seven Card Stud, and the best strategies for stud poker.

“Poker is war. People just pretend it's a game. "Doyle Brunson

Burning the tables in Las Vegas von Ian Andersen

This classic book on casino behavior 101 covers virtually every aspect of blackjack that can be of benefit to you at the table. Despite its length, it can still be relevant as it covers all the basics such as choosing the game variant, mastering techniques for distracting and recognizing bluffs, and avoiding the influence of emotions such as stress and anger on the game. You will also receive a comprehensive guide on how to optimize your casino skills and manners, including dress code, tips and more.


Some of the best-selling books on the subject of gambling are the biographies of the most important people in the history of gambling who changed the world of gambling with their vision, skill and artistry. They are already delighting a wide audience and can serve as an example to people in different walks of life as their inspirational stories highlight the greatness of the human mind and create a level of excellence that anyone can achieve. Here are some biographies of the people without whom gambling wouldn't be the same.

Blood Aces von Doug J. Swanson

This book is a non-fictional biography that still seems more incredible than a piece of fiction. It tells the story of Benny Binion - a gangster boss, casino owner and creator of the World Series of Poker. With the dynamism of a gangster film, the book lifts the curtain on the world of notorious gangsters and reveals previously classified government documents that shape the image of the great American antihero.

A man for all markets by Edward E. Thorp

The book tells the true story of Edward E. Throp - the legendary mathematician who invented card counting and actually showed the world that the casino doesn't always win. Learn all about his transition from teacher to gamer and how he started a revolution on Wall Street in this biographical recap of the man who changed gambling forever. Whether you're an aspiring professional gamer or just want to learn more about the people who changed the world, this book is a must have.

“From an abstract perspective, life is a mixture of chance and decision. Chance can be thought of as the cards you get in life. The decision is how you play it. "Edward O. Thorp, a man for all markets

State enemy number one of Patrick Veith

The book tells the sensational and true story of Britain's most successful gambler, Patrick Veitch, who earned a reputation as a bookmaker tormentor for making more than £ 10 million in business with them over a period of eight years. In a crude yet captivating style and with an intelligent joke expected from Veitch, the book tells the story of how he went from prey to the predator that is now Britain's most feared professional player.

No more missions from Arnie Wexler

Buckle up for a ride into the dark world of gambling addiction as described by Arnie and Sheila Wexler. The gritty story describes the crash of Arnie, who started gambling at the age of fourteen and gradually shifted to compulsive betting that got out of hand and eventually pushed him and his wife Sheila to the edge of the abyss. However, they manage to escape the demon of addiction and return to a normal and healthy lifestyle, and now want to help other people with training and programs who are facing the same challenges.

Spiele, Drogen, und Rock & Roll von Steve Budin

The book is the autobiography of Steve Budin - the founder of the first online sports betting company that revolutionized the murky betting business. But he also used ancient methods of luring customers on a trip to Vegas full of drugs and hookers. Budin shaped bookmaking into the global industry as we know it today under his father's guidance. This was also a legendary bookmaker who made millions in the process.

Books about history and important events

Are you interested in the emergence of gambling? What were the first items for gambling and who were the most famous players of history? How about the most important events that will go into the history of gambling? Here are a few suggestions for books that deal with the origins of gambling and describe some of the most important poker tournaments and other remarkable lucky-way events in detail.

The Professor, the Banker, and the Suicide King by Michael Craig

This adventurous story with a fascinating narrative leads the reader into an exclusive world in which only a few can take a look or even become part of it. Meet the professor - the mathematical poker genius Howard Lederer, the banker - none other than Andrew Beal himself and the famous poker player Ted Forrest as the suicide king and play for the biggest poker pot of all time.

The dark side of the felt of Tyler Nals

Even if you're not playing poker yourself, this book will give you a good idea of what the game is all about, except for the glamorous side of television tournaments. The author tells his own story about participating in underground poker tournaments at night in Long Island and Charlotte. If you want to take a look at the side of poker that isn't in the ads, you need to read this entertaining book as it gives a realistic look and some useful hints for players.

Tear the house from Ben Mezrich

Demolish the House is one of the most popular gambling books and was filmed in an equally popular feature film. With its gripping telling of the true story of the MIT blackjack groups and the most successful card counting process, Tear Down's House ranks among the most popular gambling books of all time. The action-packed No. 1 bestseller fascinates the reader with a glimpse into the world of card players who clear away millions in the most prestigious Vegas casinos within two years.

Positively Fifth Street von James McManus

With a title inspired by Bob Dylan's Positively 4th Street and written two floors above the Den of Success where Hunter S. Thompson wrote Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, the book follows James McManus on his assignment from Harper's Bazaar, to cover the 2000 World Series poker tournament and the murder of Ted Binion - the infamous creator of the WSOP. The book describes McManus ‘adventures in an engaging account of luck, greed, and murder when he decides to use the advance he received from the magazine to see how far he can get in the tournament himself.

The largest game of the city of Al Álvarez

In this gambling classic, often referred to as the best book on poker, the well-known poet and literary critic Al Álvarez lifts the curtain over the poker tables packed with money and vividly shows the ambience of the World Series of Poker and its players - from the greatest gamblers and from the cool gamblers who never seem to win to those who think their skill can influence a game of chance. This book, which offers an insight into the psychology of players, was the first to describe the experiences of professional poker players and it is considered to be the beginning of the genre of poker literature.

"If there is no danger in the fight, there is no fame in triumph."Al Álvarez.

Roll The Bones: The story of gambling of David G. Schwartz

David G. Schwartz, historian and director of the Center for Gambling Research at the University of Nevada, provides a compelling glimpse into the origins of gambling and how gambling has changed its current state in this first narrative of the history of gambling over the years Versions were transferred including the development of play utensils. It also tells the stories of famous gamblers throughout history like Voltaire, who found a way to trick the lottery and won 9 million francs, and the less fortunate Dostoevsky, who went broke because of his gambling addiction.

Fiction and more

Although the real events in the world of gambling already seem like fiction, with tales of colossal wins (or losses) and inspiring personalities, there are some novels and collections of stories that make for engaging and entertaining readings by layering the layers Uncover the psyche of a gambler and thus relate the characters to their personal stories. Or they just offer humorous entertainment through a bizarre description of what could be reality given the strange world of gambling.

The Player by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Dostoyevsky had his own dark story about gambling addiction, as his obsessive-compulsive playing of roulette drove him into financial ruin several times, which also negatively affected his family. Ironically, he wrote the short novel "The Gambler" to pay off his gambling debts. Given his personal experience and great psychological writing, you can expect an impressive portrait and a compelling, if dark, portrayal of the downward spiral of gambling losses suffered by protagonist Alexey Ivanovich.

"But players know how a man can sit in front of the cards for almost twenty-four hours without looking left or right."Fjodor Dostojewski, the player

Telling Lies and Getting Paid: Gambling Stories by Michael Konik

This interesting read contains a small collection of gambling stories including an insight into the world of offshore online gambling and high stakes backgammon. Furthermore, it offers the author's perspective on the game of poker, but not only presents the known strategies for pages, but also his review of the time he spent playing and its effects on his relationships and his family. It also offers some fun glimpse into the philosophy of the game that will delight anyone who has visited the felt table.

Duel with Kings by Daniel Barbarisi

This book is a recommendable reading for those of you who love sports bets (and for those who have no idea what the abbreviation is DFS). It is an entertaining reading over a newly created subculture in the USA. While it reads like a fiction, it describes both the business and the legal side of this phenomenon pretty much. DFS has its roots in the poker and in online gambling. So if you are interested and would like to expand your knowledge, then you should read this interesting reading.

The man with Michael Konik's $ 100,000 breasts

Get ready to meet some of the quirkiest characters in the world of professional gambling in this collection of stories that describe the curiosities of casino life with precision and humor. From the fearless gambler who got breast implants to win a $ 100,000 bet, to the dice player who managed to convert a borrowed bet of $ 10,000 into $ 17 million, to marketing -Genius who developed a "900" line to select the winners of NFL football games - these are the types of characters who make the game great. Konik, a gambling expert, has described it in a fascinating way.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas von Hunter S. Thompson

One of the most famous books on gambling, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is a prime example of gonzo journalism, as it tells the psychedelic haze of a trip to Las Vegas that the author took with lawyer and Chicano activist Oscar Zeta Acosta in 1971 . The novel describes the details of the journey that went down in literary history as one of the most bizarre road trips of all time. It was illustrated by Ralph Steadman and was illustrated by Terry Gilliam with Johnny Depp and Benicio del Toro as “Raoul Duke” and “Dr. Gonzo ”in the 1995 film of the same name.

"Too strange to live, too rare to die!"Hunter S. Thompson, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

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