The 10 best games in online casinos to win

Author: Larry N.

Everyone has probably heard the famous saying that the casino always wins. This is taken for granted among qualified and educated players. Today we delve into this matter and shed some light on the reasons why casinos have an advantage and tend to always win in the long run. also let's evaluate the casino games that offer players the best odds What leads to the highest winning opportunities when you play them carefully and sent.

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Many may wonder how do you win at the casino when the odds are against the player? The answer is very simple: Pick the games with the lowest house edge and learn to play them well . Do not be satisfied with the average and mediocrity. Even a small casino advantage is enough to get your money. So you need to have above-average skills.

In this article, we examine the various factors that make up the house edge in popular casino games. We examine general game rules as well as house-specific rules to find out how they affect the odds of winning and give the casino a higher or lower advantage. We also refer to the Difference between real profit rates and payout quotas Judge. Of course you will find the top 10 games with the lowest house advantage of ten to one with details about the game variants and their peculiarities. In addition, we point out our recommended online casinos in which you can play every game.

The 10 best casino games with the greatest chances of winning:

  1. American roulette
  2. Кaribisches Stud Poker
  3. Three-card poker
  4. European roulette
  5. Good gow poker
  6. Craps
  7. French roulette
  8. Baccarat
  9. Blackjack
  10. Pontoon

What is the house edge?

The casino advantage or House edge is defined as the casino profit expressed as a percentage of the stakes is calculated. When considering long-term results, players are at a disadvantage for two main reasons:

First, the payout percentages are usually not the same as the actual odds or the actual probability of the possible outcome of a particular bet. Second, in most games, the number of winners is lower than the number of losers. In other words, statistically, players have a higher chance of losing over time.

An important point to keep in mind is that the house edge is calculated under ideal circumstances; B. by consistently playing according to the basic strategy and betting on outcomes with a high probability. If you play risky and place high risk bets on low probability outcomes, your chance of winning is dramatically reduced. Simply put, knowing how to play is important. The odds will not magically fulfill themselves.

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Which Casino Games offer the biggest winning opportunities?

The games with the greatest chance of winning are the ones that rely on skill. This gives the player a tactical advantage that can reduce the house edge to less than one percent. Proper decision making based on statistical probability can help you end a game with a profit. Sure, you can't win every game. However, with optimal stakes, clever players can minimize the risk and end up going home with loads of money. Below are the ten casino games with the lowest house edge.

We selected these games based on the rules, payouts, and basic strategy options. As mentioned above, these factors are important and can help you get your chances of winning close to the ideal 100%. As the term house edge implies, all of the games we introduce are played against the house and not other players. Now let's get started!

10. American roulette

House advantage of 5.26%

Roulette is a classic and a must for every casino visitor. Nowadays there are innumerable Online Roulette Variantswhich can be operated fully automatically and played via live stream with a real bike and croupier. When it comes to rules and game form, roulette comes in three main variations: American, French and European. If we return to the table shown above, American roulette is the first one we want to mention as it offers the highest edge for the casino. The main difference between the American and the other two versions is the number of pockets on the wheel. While the French and European variants have 37 pockets, the American roulette wheel has 38 pockets.

All versions have the numbers 1 to 36 and a green colored pocket with the zero. However, there is an additional pocket on the American bike, which is marked with two zeros. In a nutshell, the double zero reduces your chances of winning in operations with a high probability. Since the zeros are neither black nor red, even or odd, the number of outcomes you lose is greater than the number of outcomes you win. However, the payout is 1: 1, as if the real odds were equal. Even so, the payback on this game is close to 95%, making it one of our top ten casino games with the best odds. In addition, it is fun, and also offers numerous game options.

9.Karibal stud poker

Casino advantage of 3.7% at optimal strategy

Caribbean stud is derived from five-card stud poker and is adapted for casino play against a croupier. After the player has placed their bet, both sides are dealt a hand of five cards. One of the croupier's cards is revealed and the rest of the cards are face down. After reviewing his cards, the player can decide to fold and lose or continue playing by doubling the bet. The lowest combination is a pair. If no one has a pair, the highest cards are compared to determine the winner.

The croupier must have an ace a king or higher to qualify. This rule gives the player good chances even with a high hand. However, if the croupier does not qualify, you will receive a 1: 1 payout for just wagering regardless of your cards. If the croupier qualifies and loses, the payouts increase according to the pay table, which can vary by venue. A few words need to be said about statistical probability. Players fold about 47% and raise about 53% of the time. Approximately 23% of the time, the croupier does not qualify and players win with a pair or less 11% of the time. The croupier wins approximately 13% of the time.

Given these numbers, the basic strategy gives two general rules. First, you can every time increase if you have a pair or higher. Second, you have to fit every time, if you have less than the croupier's qualifying cards (Ace king). As you can imagine, things get interesting when the player has at least one ace king. In such cases, decisions are made based on statistical probability, taking into account the dealer's up card and the remaining player cards.

8. Three card poker

House edge of 3.4%

This is a relatively new game that was developed and patented in the 1990s. Currently, three card poker is used in most Live Online Casinos Offered. It is played with a standard deck, which is newly mixed after each card gives. Both croupies and players receive three cards, and no additional drag is allowed.

The croupier's cards are dealt face down and face up after the player has placed his bet equal to the initial bet. In this case, the two hands are compared immediately without any further possibilities for improvement. In other words, You either play with what you have on your hand or you fits and lose your use. It is important to note that the croupier will only qualify with a queen or higher. This increases the chances of playing high cards.

However, if the croupier does not qualify, the stake is paid out 1: 1. The stake is returned without any additional money. Skill in this game is limited to estimating the statistical probability based on the player's visible cards and the remaining cards. For example, a straight flush, i.e. three matching cards in a row, has a probability of less than half a percent. A pair has a nearly 17% chance while that for a high card is close to 75%. As you can imagine, most of the winning cards are high cards, hence the casino's low edge. Despite the frequent shuffling, the small total number of cards makes probability estimates relatively easy. A few or better gives you very good chances of winning.

7. European Roulette

Casino advantage of 2.7%

To move on to roulette variants, it is time to pay tribute to European roulette. It has a wheel with a single zero that increases the odds of winning compared to double zero variants And the game in the table placed higher. As mentioned earlier, the wheel has 37 pockets, 18 of which are red, 18 black and there are 18 straight over 18 odd bags. The 37to is the zero pocket that does not fall into any of the categories.

When betting on red / black or even / odd, the number of ways to win is 18 compared to 19 ways to lose. This leads to a House advantage of 2.7% or almost twice as much as the American roulette. If you thought a bag couldn't make a difference, this will teach you better. Although the casino advantage in European roulette is less if you bet on red or black, for example, and the ball stays on zero, this is still a definite loss result. That said, French roulette is the game that gives the player another edge as it has special rules for betting with equal odds when the zero drops.

Stay tuned to find out more in the following sections. Let us first mention that with European roulette, as with the other roulette versions, you can bet on simple chances as well as several chances that pay off similarly to the other variants. Neighbor bets and special bets are also possible and offer numerous opportunities to diversify your game.

6. Pai Gow Poker

Casino benefit of 2.5%

This variant of poker Dam from the Chinese Domino game called Pai Gow. The game has been adapted so that it can be played with a standard deck of cards instead of dominoes. The goal is to split up the seven cards you are dealt and form an optimal combination of a 5-card hand and a 2-card hand. Then your cards will be compared to the hand of the croupier who plays the same way. The only condition in dividing is that the large sheet must be better than the small one.

You win if both the player's 5-card and 2-card hand are better. If only one thing is better, the game is a tie. If both of the player's hands have lower cards than the dealer, the bank wins. The game is played using a standard 52 card deck with a wild card added. The wild card can substitute for any other card when used to make a straight or a flush. If there is no such possibility, the joker counts as an ace. The numerous possible combinations as well as the requirement to have a higher ranking hand twice in order to win lead to many ties and thus to a high overall return for the player.

The game follows standard poker scoring with one notable exception. The second strongest hand in the game is called “the wheel” and consists of Ace-2-3-4-5. As you can easily see, the best combination in the 2-card hand is a pair. Also, all the cards are dealt face down to the bank, so you have to work with the hand you get without considering the dealer's hand. Basically you have to strive for an optimal balance between the big and the small leaf so that both have a chance. This isn't all that easy with most undivided leaves that contain a pair or less. However, the same applies to the croupier. So if you play wisely, you can increase your chances of winning.

Casino games with the lowest house edge
Spielname Hausvorteil colour Live Where to play it online Secure access
1. Pontoon 0.34% – 0.62% And No Casinoin Play now!
2. Blackjack 0.72% And And Vulcan Vegas. Play now!
3. Baccarat 1.06% And And Cellars Play now!
4. French roulette 1.35% And And N1 Casino Play now!
5. Craps 1.4% And No Casinoin Play now!
6. Good gow poker 2.5% And No Imitation Play now!
7. European roulette 2.7% And And N1 Casino Play now!
8. Three-card poker 3.4% And And Vulcan Vegas. Play now!
9. Caribbean Stud Poker 3.7% And And Boom Casino Play now!
10. American roulette 5.26% And And Cellars Play now!

5. Craps

The house advantage can be 1.4% with optimum strategy.

At first glance, craps seems like a fairly simple game, probably because the outcome is determined by a pair of dice. However, the multitude of bets available and the rules associated with each bet make mastering the game a tedious task. In addition, when betting with the lowest house edge, the outcome is often determined by a series of dice. The basic principle of the game is to exploit the probability of possible combinations of two dice moves. Out of a total of 36 dice combinations, seven is the most likely outcome - 16.67% or 6 combinations. Throwing an eight or a six has a probability of 13.9% each or odds of 5/36.

The least likely outcomes are 2 and 12 with odds of 1/36 each, or a 2.78% probability. The game can be difficult to win or lose because of the rules and the importance of those numbers that are more likely to occur. Take pass betting as an example, as these are the most basic bets beginners should learn first. If you place a pass bet, you win immediately if the result is 7 or 11, and immediately lose on 2, 3 and 12. At first glance, this is beneficial for the player as one of the winning outcomes has the highest probability and the loss outcomes are least likely. However, all other results or 24 of 36 combinations earn you a point that you must achieve in the following throws in order to win. If you roll a 7 before you reach the point, you lose the pass bet. There are 24 combinations that add up to a point, resulting in an odds of 24/36 or a 66.67% probability. However, none of the points alone has a higher probability than 13.9%, while the odds for seven are higher.

In other words, if you dice a seven, you lose more frequently than you win. If you thought, seven be a lot of luck, then think again before you play craps, because in this game it can become a hated number. Just like in any other game of chance, if you want to improve your chances of winning, you need to be familiar with both the rules and the odds of outcomes.

4. French roulette

The house edge can go as low as 1.35%.

Let's go back to the roots of traditional roulette games. French roulette is the oldest variant that is still played in numerous locations across Europe and across the ocean. The game also has sensible versions that are playable online. The wheel is the same as in European roulette. The table layout looks a little different, but allows the same standard for single and multiple chances. Since other things are the same, this should result in an identical house edge. However, there are two special rules that make up a difference and only in the French roulette can be found. The first is called la partage and means “divided” in French. If the ball lands on zero when betting on an even number, the player retains half of their stake.

There is a version of la partage called en jail (in jail). In the situation described above, the bet remains on the table for the next spin. If the following spin ends with a win, the player accumulates the winnings according to the paytable. In the event of a loss, he receives nothing. The rule that applies depends on the venue where the game is being played. Simply put, if you bet on an even number and the zero comes up, because of the two rules, it means that it is neither a win nor a loss. The casino recognizes this and allows either the partial deduction of the wagered amount or the leaving of the stake for the next spin. This approach is more beneficial to the player and results in a house edge in French roulette of 1.35%.

3. Baccarat

The house edge is just 1.06%.

Baccarat is one of the oldest games in the gambling world. It is known by many names because the way it is played differs in different regions. In Southeast Asia it is known as Punto Banco (Gamblers Bank). There are four main common features between the versions of Baccarat:

  1. Regardless of the number of players, only two hands are dealt. The hands are referred to as the "banker" and "player".
  2. The winner is the one who is close to the highest possible score, namely nine.
  3. There are three possible results - the bank wins the player wins or a draw.
  4. The card values are the same in all versions. Face cards and tens have the value zero. Aces are worth one and the rest of the cards are worth their face value.

Let's go back to the sheet names. It is important to remember that "player" is just a name and that this is not your actual hand. You can win even if it is of less value than the dealer's. This can be confusing at first. As a player, you have to guess which of the two hands has the higher score, i.e. H. you can also bet on the bank or on a tie. There are rules for drawing additional cards based on the starting value of each hand. These rules are beneficial to the croupier's hand. The house edge is lowest when betting on the bank, despite the 5% commission charged by the casino. The payouts are 0.95: 1 for bank bets, 1: 1 for player bets and 8: 1 for ties. Despite the much higher payout, a tie is a relatively rare outcome and the casino advantage there is more than 14% compared to 1.24% for player bets and 1.06% for bank bets.

2. Blackjack

Casino advantage of 0.72% if the basic strategy is skillfully applied

Blackjack is probably the most popular game of chance when it comes to the player's skill. The ability to use a basic strategy to make statistically reasonable decisions results in a house edge of less than one percent. Seasoned blackjack players apply the odds in their favor and make more wins than losses in the long run. As in any other game, RNG versions and live versions with real croupiers can vary in their rules. These deviations should be taken into account and the strategy adjusted accordingly if you want to stay ahead. The payouts are usually the same in brick and mortar and online casinos. Blackjack pays 3: 2, all other winnings pay 1: 1 and the insurance company pays 2: 1. Deviations from these payouts are rare. However, make sure you are familiar with the house rules or table rules to be on the safe side. However, there are other rules that may vary more often, e.g.

  • Number of card games - normally six or eight in stationary casinos and Live Casinos. However, some RNG versions can be played with a single deck.
  • Committing the dealer to hit on a soft 17 - this is critical to the likelihood of the bank losing.
  • Number of Splits Allowed - In some versions a sheet can only be split once, while other variants allow multiple splits.
  • Number of cards permitted after a split - in some Play blackjackEspecially online, after a pair is split, players can draw as many cards as they want, including aces. In other cases, after an ace split, you only get one card per hand.
  • Is the split of cards not equal to 10 allowed? The basic strategy requires never to share pairs of cards with value 10, so this should not play a role at all. However, in some blackjack versions, it is permitted to divide cards with value not equal to 10, e.g. B. in a king and a boy.
  • Is it allowed to double down after a split? Some games allow you to double down after a split if you can take more than one card

Remember that splitting and doubling up requires extra money, which means you have to risk more. So make sure that your actions are in line with the basic strategy of the version of blackjack you are playing. Also keep in mind that in RNG blackjack the cards are shuffled before each hand, while in live games the croupiers keep drawing from the deck until the game is over.

1. Pontoon

Casino advantage between 0.34% and 0.62% at optimal strategy

Ponton is a very Closer relative of 21 and has many similar rules that can be found in other similar games such as blackjack. Pontoon is played primarily in Australian stationary casino establishments. There are also online versions, all in the RNG category. Ponton has its own terminology, which can be confusing at first. For example, sticking stands for “stand”, twisting means taking a card and doubling up means buying. A 21 is called Ponton, hence the name of the game. Other than that, the goal is the same as in blackjack, and the style of play is pretty similar. The player must beat the bank by getting as close to 21 as possible without going over that number. In addition to the game-specific jargon, there are other differences to blackjack that affect the chances of winning. Here are some of them:

  • The croupier's cards are dealt face down.
  • Croupier moves at soft 17.
  • The player must take a card on 14 or less.
  • 21 after splitting is considered a pontoon.
  • Pontoon counts 2: 1, which is greater than 1.5: 1 (3: 2) in blackjack.
  • If there is a tie, the player loses.
  • The scoring of the cards is more complicated. For example, the second strongest hand after the pontoon is a hand with a 5 that does not exceed 21. This is known as a trick, and the actual numerical value of the hand doesn't matter.

Although Pontoon has a lower theoretical house edge, we find blackjack a preferred option. The more complicated rules of pontoon can be difficult to follow. Also, some of the rules that are beneficial to the player are offset by others that are beneficial to the casino. For example, the bank wins all ties, resulting in a greater number of lost games by the player. This places more stringent requirements on perfectly following the basic strategy to bring your chances as close as possible to the theoretical ones. In addition, different house rules require an adjustment of the strategy, which increases the difficulty.

Honorable mentions

There are two additional types of play that deserve to be mentioned. these are Slot machine and video poker. Some may argue that both have a good chance of winning can to reach the top ten and even the top 5. However, we excluded them from the list for a number of reasons. First, both categories encompass numerous games, and the house edge can vary widely depending on the game. In this case, giving an average would be more of a speculation than anything, and it would be misleading to suggest the best odds.

Second, slot games completely eliminate the element of personal skill and you cannot improve your chances by mastering a strategy. In addition, both categories can be broken down into sub-categories, which further complicates the task. We therefore believe that slots and video poker should be considered on separate pages.


To recap, the casino advantage depends on two factors. The first is the statistical probability of the possible outcomes. The second factor is the extent to which the rules in a given game take advantage of statistical probability to give the house an edge. The best casino games offer a balance between long-term house profitability and odds that are attractive to players. As mentioned earlier, knowing the game is important. You have to put some effort into building your skills until you are good enough to proudly claim that a game is yours.

And don't forget the element of uncertainty. No matter how good you are, when you gamble you must never forget the element of chance that you cannot control. Therefore, you should always play responsibly and still have fun!

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