Responsible gaming: tips for conscious gaming

Gambling is a popular leisure activity, which combines game fun with profit risk. From a normal variety can develop a search, but does not have to. However, the problematic game behavior leads to reputable social and financial difficulties and should not be underestimated. The gaming addiction must be a central theme in any trusted online casino and the gambling providers successfully implement all known measures for gambling addiction control.

If you are no longer able to control your gambling behavior, you need to take all necessary preventive measures immediately. This article explains these in detail and briefly presents the most important help organizations.

Which prevention measures are available?

First, I would like to mention again that gambling does not necessarily lead to gambling addiction. As with alcoholics, however, certain types of people are more prone to such influences and problems. The triggering factors can be character traits, a certain neurological condition or different mental disorders. For example, people who suffer from depression are more prone to develop addiction. The same goes for a lack of serotonin. There are also various social factors that contribute to gambling addiction: work, education, health, etc. If you are prone to gambling addiction, you should inquire about the prevention tools available in online casinos.

Bankroll Management

Money management is one of the most important preventive gambling addictions. Any game of chance can lead to losses and you never have to wager more money than you are able to lose. If you are on a losing streak, don't try to regain your losses by placing higher bets. With such tactics, you can lose your money even faster. Try to control your emotions and know when to end your game. If you get angry, you will make impulsive decisions and make mistakes easily, which of course can be very bad in gambling. Don't compromise on your judgment, keep your head cool, and carefully review your next move. As soon as you get excited, it is advisable to quit the game and calm down.


All renowned online casinos offer different player protection tools, which should encourage responsible gambling and prevent problematic gambling behavior. For example, you can set stake and time limits. This way you have the opportunity to manage your gaming budget more easily. So you can limit your stakes per session and only when this is ended and you log in again will the stake limit be reset. You can also set your own loss limit. If it is achieved, the casino will not accept any further bets within the selected period. With the help of the time limits, you can take a break from playing and find out about your previous wins and losses. During this break you will have the opportunity to see all the games, a payment or booking will no longer be available to you. Of course, you can change your own time, loss and bet limits at any time.


This option is available to all gamblers who believe their gambling is problematic or may lead to addiction development. If you have decided to self-exclude, the casino operator will do everything necessary to prevent your access to the games of chance and to return your account money. Usually you need to cash out the available balance before the self-spree. At most casinos, self-exclusion takes at least 6 months. Please note that your player account will not be activated automatically after this period and you should send a request to the customer team.

Renowned aid organizations in the gambling industry

There are different organizations that deal with the prevention and treatment of gambling problems. All reputable online casinos work with such organizations and you can see their logos on the casino pages. Here we briefly introduce you to the most famous organizations in the industry.


GamCare is perhaps the largest and most recognizable aid organization in the online gambling arena. It provides support, information, advice and free advice for the prevention and treatment of gambling problems. She has helped numerous gamers get over their addiction and improve their lives. More information about it is on the official GamCare website to find.


This organization promotes responsibility in gambling. It offers advice, information, help and support to gambling addicts. To make a , you can either call or a live chat window Open on the website. The advice is free and 100% anonymous. The advice is also available in more than 200 languages.

Gamblers Anonymous

This is a community for people who suffer from gambling addiction. Those affected help each other with information, experiences and compassion. This organization operates in the UK and you can find more information about the meetings on the official site. Furthermore, literature, a forum and chat room are offered on the site. If you are looking for meetings in India, you can Gamblers Anonymous website to open.

Gambling Therapy

This online platform offers free help and support in several languages. The organization has also developed the product GamBlock, which is a software program for gambling addicts. And last but not least, busy Gambling Therapy still with support groups and has trained numerous trainers. You can find out more about all the services on the official website.

Gambling addiction is hard but flawed

Gambling pathology is a serious problem and online casinos invest a lot of resources in awareness and prevention, while independent help organizations like GamCare and Gambling Therapy provide free support and advice. If you also have problems like this, don't hesitate and seek help as soon as possible. The free hotline of the Federal Center for Health Education is: 0800 - 1 37 27 00.