Penny Roulette - The best variant for casino newcomers

Author: Larry N.

When you visit a casino as a novice, whether online or not, the classic casino game roulette is always part of the program. After all, everyone has seen dozens of films where exactly this bowl game amuses the casino elite. Furthermore, in these scenes it always looks like the game should be played for a lot of money. Penny Roulette, however, is all about affordable gaming fun for everyone. A single cent sets the roulette wheel in motion! If the low stakes aren't enough, the game has numerous outstanding features that only make it more attractive. With a statistics tracker, one-touch repeating or doubling of bets, and changing the color of the table layout, online penny roulette is the perfect choice for those new to this timeless casino game.

Penny Roulette
Play the roulette too 300€ Bonus
Single zero€ 0.01 min. commitment200 € max. commitmentRacetrackAnnouncement betsRTP: 97.30%
Game rating:
  • Gameplay: 4.6/5
  • RTP: 4.8/5
  • Interface: 4.8/5
  • Functions: 4.7/5
Result: 4.7/5
Special features:
  • Very high chances of winning
  • Seven betting categories
  • Beginner-friendly inserts
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In the following, we take a detailed look at this classic casino game. You will learn everything about the course of the game, the special features, the rules and additional functions as well as our top casino provider for this game. You will also find a free demo so that you can test the Penny Roulette directly on our site.

Interesting game details:
Developer: Playtech
Game Type: Single zero
Betting limits: 0.01€ – 200€
Racetrack And
Announcement bets: And
Favorite bets: And
Quick game: And
Auto Play: And
Particularities: Statistics tracker

Details about the game rules and peculiar functions

Penny Roulette is a pleasant variant of the popular casino game with minimal risk. It is definitely worth testing, as it offers long-lasting fun without emptying your wallet too much. This table game uses the European layout with only one zero. On the roulette wheel you will find the numbers from 1 to 36, alternating black and red, and the 0, which is green. If you choose the right number, then you win up to 35 times your stake.

You also have several betting options and this variety is another notable feature of this game. Among the various options there are some for true gamblers who like to risk a lot, as well as those who prefer to play it safe. The selection of side bets consists of: Plein (straight up bet; 35: 1), Cheval (17: 1), Transversale Pleine (11: 1), Carré (8: 1), The first four (8: 1), Transversal simple (5: 1), column (2: 1), dozen (2: 1) and the 50/50 bets low / high, red / black and even / odd. This positions the tokens on 18 numbers at the same time. The payout for a win is 1: 1. You can of course place multiple bets at the same time. The game board also contains a race track on which you can place the following announcement bets by clicking on the corresponding section - neighbors, tiers, orphelins, finals (final digits) bets and voisins du zero.

With regard to the additional functions, the Penny Roulette offers an impressive variety. In addition to the various ways to bet a few cents, this game offers the impressive advantage of a statistics tracker. This is a diagram that tells you how much of the roulette wheel you are occupying with your bets, while a diagram symbol below shows the current numbers. There is also the option of doubling the bet or repeating the previous bet. Another very useful function is the favorite bet, with which you place previously saved bets that you have used most often. This allows you to place them with a single click of the mouse. When the stats and bet management are put together, not only will your favorite bets be placed faster, but you can also see where you are best placing your money on each spin. The Autoplay feature offers you two modes - simple and advanced. With the first you can set the number of rounds to be played. With the second you can set stop conditions, for example to limit possible losses.

All in all, Penny Roulette offers numerous features that greatly simplify the game process and add value to the game. But that's not all, it also offers extra features that help you adapt the gaming experience to your individual needs.

Try the Kesselspiel for free

After you have already received the information about all the special features of the game, you now have the opportunity to try out the Penny Roulette variant in a free demo game. To do this, simply click on Instant Play below to start the demo game, it runs directly in your browser and does not require a special download. In this way, test the game mechanics and the rules so that it is easier for you to decide whether the game is actually for you or not.


Penny Roulette is the perfect game for beginners who want to experience the thrill of visiting the casino without having to worry about financial issues. The demo version lets you test the game without any risk. You can easily place multiple bets on different categories without losing anything. By the time you feel ready to enjoy the game of the game for real money, you already have enough knowledge to be successful.

Recommended casinos with enormous bonuses

Because of its low stakes and various extra functions, the penny roulette has quickly gained popularity and has been popular with the lucky knights for years. One reason is certainly that in most cases the game can be played for free as well as for real money. Almost every Playtech online casino has this game in their game portfolio. Our recommendation for a trustworthy online casino where penny roulette is definitely available is this Betfair. As a new customer, you will get an exclusive 300% bonus worth € 300 from this well-known provider. But this is just one of the many extras that make the casino a good Wajl. In addition to the huge bonuses, the casino also offers a wide range of games, a safe environment and excellent customer service.

  1. Bonus300€
  • Solid new customer bonus
  • PayPal is accepted
  • Provider with great experience

The Betfair Casino offers you the bonus, but then it is possible to profit your task as good as possible. The sales conditions require that before any profits can be drawn up, you should have implemented the bonus amount 22x. What you should know is that only 25% of your inserts at Penny Roulette for bonus conditions count. In other words, they are not fully calculated to the terms of sales. But this does not have to surprise, as this is the case in virtually all online casinos.

More top offers for roulette fans

Penny Roulette is a variant with low stakes that still has the same chances of winning as the classic game. The special thing about this variant are the exceptionally low betting limits, which start at one cent. The target group of this version are mainly beginners or the curious who want to play with the lowest possible risk. You can only find the game online, you won't find such a low betting limit in any casino. Its flawless graphics are the reason it looks so appealing and realistic. All in all, if you play this variant, you can expect hours of entertainment. If you don't really enjoy low stakes and prefer to survive the total thrill, then we would recommend the Multi Wheel Roulette variant. For lovers of the classic version of the game, we would recommend the other two games listed below.

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In summary, this version is one of the most beneficial games on the internet as it only contains a green zero pocket that changes the house edge greatly in your favor. It has many game features that make the game process particularly convenient and easy. Because of its popularity, the game can be found at many reputable online casinos that work with Playtech. In addition to the Betfair Casino, we would insert a good word for the Ladbrokes Casino, as the bonus conditions and the gaming atmosphere are also particularly good here. So have fun playing Penny Roulette online!