Indian online casino tests - the best ratings for 2021

Author: Larry N.
You can find a number of online casinos for Indian players on the net. It is our job to take a close look at them to tell you which is a reputable provider for real money games. Our reviews reveal every weakness. So that you have a quick overview, you can find it here all online casino tests by our experts:

It is important to us that this list is always up to date and we update it regularly. You can find it here only reputable online casinos, all of which have a state license from an authority in a European country. This fact guarantees that gambling is tolerated in this country and that you always have a point if you have problems.

How we test - the criteria at a glance

Our online casino test ratings are not based on chance, but we adhere to previously worked out criteria, which we all go through and evaluate individually. Thanks to the catalog of criteria, our test reports are objective. We make no secret of how our judgment comes about, but want to share it with you. So you always have the opportunity to understand our test ratings and you can easily assess a new provider yourself. Benefit from the decades of experience of our team of experts. Here you will find an overview of the criteria for our online casino test reports:

  1. safety All of our casinos are officially licensed. Often the licenses come from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) or the Gibraltar Gambling Commission. The MGA's official casino exclusion list, which you can see on the Internet, shows that these are not toothless tigers. We also test casinos with a license from Schleswig-Holstein, the only Indian state with a current gaming law.
  2. Reputation All recommended online casinos have a good reputation. We get player opinions and scour the net for reviews and ratings. We know how to assess these correctly, because on the one hand there are positive fake reviews and on the other hand players who give bad reviews but did not understand the conditions for the welcome bonus correctly, for example. Prizes and awards are also included in this section.
  3. Choice of play A casino lives from its games. Slot machines, blackjack, roulette and the like fill it with life. We pay close attention to whether you can find all the important games and whether the selection is balanced. It doesn't always have to be thousands of games, it's the mix that counts. Even the million jackpots like Mega Moolah should be represented in the assortment.
  4. Software The basic framework of an online casinos is the software. It is important to make everything stable. How fast can you find the games? Are deposit and payouts comfortable? How good is the help function? All these functions are based on a good software. She is also a guarantee for security where hackers bite their teeth. Most of the software comes from industry sizes like Playtech, Microgaming or NetEnt.
  5. Cell phone compatibility Our lives are becoming more and more mobile and shaped by smartphones and tablets. What could be more obvious than playing with it in the casino via the app? The operators also know that and so all modern online casinos recommended by us work perfectly on the mobile phone. It is an important part of our casino test and we offer an extra test report for each provider.
  6. Live Dealer PlatformThe games with real croupiers via live stream have revolutionized the casino world. Thanks to providers such as Evolution Gaming, the quality is so good that there are hardly any more reasons to go to a casino. You can play blackjack, roulette, baccarat and live poker around the clock. We test all Live Casinos Always thoroughly in a separate review.
  7. Payment options If you want to win real money, you have to bet real money. Here the online casinos offer many payment options such as PayPal, Bitcoin, Apple Pay, Paysafecard, Visa or Mastercard. This sensitive area is carefully tested and we will inform you about the deposit and withdrawal limits and the duration of the payments.
  8. Bonuses One of the great advantages of online casinos compared to the arcade around the corner are the bonus offers and promotions. When chosen wisely, they are a real profit booster. But be careful, because the devil is in the details, more precisely in the Bonus terms. In our respective online casino bonus test, we explain everything exactly about the turnover rate, validity and pitfalls.
  9. Support Yes, we don't know everything either and are happy to have good support up our sleeve. That is why we always kill two birds with one stone in our casino test. We collect our questions and can then immediately judge how good the casino's customer service really is. Criteria are: availability, competence and whether Indian-speaking support is offered.
  10. Gaming experienceLast but not least, gaming should be fun. As an overall impression, the gaming experience comes to the fore. If everything goes hand in hand with the worshiper, you will get a real casino experience every time. Including profits. We guarantee you at our top casinos - you will not regret it!

Experts vs player reviews

If you are looking for a casino test, then Find your two variants, player test reports and those of experts. As we have already shown, professionals adhere to objective criteria as best they can and exactly put down the respective advantages and disadvantages in a casino review. A player's experience report is usually more subjective. The focus here is on personal preferences. Often a certain feature is emphasized or a very special point of criticism that affects the player personally touched on in its online casino reviews. Both types of tests have their permissions and you should pick the best of both worlds for you. Here we have put together the advantages and disadvantages of each approach:

Casino test reports benefits disadvantage
Experts tests Test based on objective criteria , Years of experience , Entire aspects of a casino are recorded, Better comparison between the casinos possible Too evidence-based , Non-personalized
Reviews of players Personal experience , Focus on specific areas , Emotions swing with Subjective view, Not always based on facts , Mostly low knowledge of the background , Problem von Fake-Reviews

As you can see, Online casino reviews by experts have the greater advantages as they are more objective. We in our editorial team work with the 4-eyes principle so that no personal likes or dislikes towards a casino have any influence. Another advantage of dealing with a wide variety of providers all day is that you can compare more easily and, through your work, also get a better overall view of the casino industry. We guarantee that we will pay attention to objectivity in our review. - Number 1 for the best Indian online casinos ranking

Every month we sift through countless providers for our online casino comparison. Here we separate the wheat from the chaff very early on. Only the best of them are subjected to a casino review. The ones that stand out here come into ours List of the best Indian online casinos in India. In addition, we want to provide you with further, high-quality information about the casino world. That is why we have developed individual casino guides on the most important topics to help you play more successfully. We are constantly expanding this offer so that you can always expect something new.


Our editors keep getting feedback about your online casino experience. We are very happy about it, because it brings us forward and we can better weigh up what is burning under your nails. Therefore Take us with us, if you have suggestions or criticism for our online casino comparison. Many questions are repeated, and that's why these are here FAQ on Casino Test Reports:

❔ How can I know that I can trust a casino test report?

In times of fake news, it is difficult to filter out what is real and what not. We try to be as objective in our tests as possible and therefore publish too our criteria and categories, so that you can understand exactly how our results come about. With each test, always ask yourself to what extent the individual points are relevant for you, so that you can ultimately make the right choice from the information.

🎰 What should I know before I play in an online game bench?

You should think about what is important for you in advance? Do you want to play for fun or win big? Which games like slots do you like to play? And should it only be casino games or do you want to play poker for real money in between? At 888 you can both With a provider. Also you should familiarize yourself about the casino basics. This works best when you have a lot of knowledge. Our guides, based on our experience, are for just that.

🕵️‍♂️ How do I recognize a safe and reputable online casino?

Especially in the anonymous world of the Internet and when it comes to money, the security and data protection of a website is an important issue. You will never have 100% security, nevertheless there are some criteriawith whom you can estimato whether you have it with a reputable provider:

  • Does the casino have an EU license?
  • Are the connections secured with SSL encryption?
  • Will your account be verified?
  • Are the European data protection regulations being observed?
  • What is the reputation? (Player opinions, experts tests, award winnings)

If you have this checklist in mind, then hardly anything can go wrong. If you want to be on the safe side, use one of ours Top Real Money Online Casinos in Deutschland. Here we have already taken you the work and they are all provided with our quality seal.

🇩🇪 How many online casinos are there in India?

Due to the worldwide network, it is difficult to speak of Indian online casinos. In principle, you can access casinos worldwide. Remember, however, that without a License from a European regulator It has difficult to enforce any claims. Also, by such a license, play playing in this country. But there are still hundreds of casinos to choose from .

⚖️ Is play allowed in online casino in India?

The legal situation in India is somewhat complex. In this country, almost everything is regulated, only with the online casinos the federal states have not yet managed to create a gambling law for Real money gamesWhich withstand before (European) dishes. So the play is currently playing in a casino with one License from a European regulator tolerated. Only Schleswig-Holstein has licensed casinos.

🏆 Which is the best online casino in India?

We worry about this question every day in our online casino real money test. The answer is not that simple since each of you has different priorities. One likes free spins on machines, another likes a jackpot slot or another game of chance. So it may be that the third place in our List of the best Indian online casinos in India may be a better choice than first place. To answer the question for you, read our casino reviews diligently.

🌍 Which is the world's largest online casino?

Man könnte meinen, dass diese Frage schnell mit Google beantwortet ist. Wer von euch es einmal probiert hat, wird schnell merken, dass es gar nicht so einfach ist, herauszubekommen, welches das größte Online Casino ist. Viele der online Spielbanken geben keine offiziellen Zahlen heraus. The gambling company is considered the world's largest provider. The company also generates a large part of its income from sports betting. Another heavyweight in the industry is the provider Betway.